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If It Itches is an alternative rock band from the Black Forest. The three brothers Joel, Joshi and Janik got together in 2019 to share their passion for music. Authentic instrumental parts, heavy guitar-riffs paired with socio-critical lyrics - that's what If It Itches stands for.


Wuppertal Die Börse 2022 (3)
Wuppertal Die Börse 2022 (7)
Wuppertal Die Börse 2022 (6)
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Einzel breit Janik 1.JPG


lead-vocals, guitar


bass, guitar, vocals


drums, synth

Joel If It Itches Kellerassel Live


Get to Know Us

"OPEN UP YOUR MIND" ~ that's what the three Black Forest brothers Joel, Janik and Joshi want to achieve with their audience through their music. In their lyrics, they take up everyday & socially critical questions and want to stimulate thinking about topics such as relationships, prejudices, dealing with fellow human beings, as well as nature conservation and questions of faith. The most important thing for the three guys is an authentic appearance - both in terms of content and music.

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