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I F  I T  I T C H E S

- A L T E R N A T I V E   R O C K   B A N D -


"OPEN UP YOUR MIND" ~ that's what the three Black Forest brothers Joel, Janik and Joshi want to achieve with their audience through their music. In their lyrics, they take up everyday & socially critical questions and address topics such as relationships, prejudices, dealing with fellow human beings, as well as nature conservation and questions of faith. The most important thing for the three guys is an authentic appearance - both in terms of content and music. Since their childhood the brothers passionate for good rock music. After various band projects, they joined together in 2019 to live out their passion together and to share it with other people. After a few local appearances in the area of Freudenstadt and Tübingen, they realized their dream of their own record.

In February 2021, the EP "A Place You've Learned To Love, Hate And Love Again" was released, which is characterized by varied instrumental parts, striking breakdowns and emotional vocals. After a longer "Corona-break", the band played their first concerts again in summer 2021 in Rastatt, Aschaffenburg, Karlsruhe, Tübingen and Baiersbronn.

In spring 2022, the band released the two new singles "Sea of ​​Tears" and "Dog (Never Changing)" including music videos via YouTube. In addition to a small Neckar-Tour with concerts in Horb, Rottenburg, Tübingen and Stuttgart, as well as other concerts in the Black Forest, the band was in the Germany-Final of the biggest Newcomer Contest (SPH Music Master) and took 4th place. Joel also won the price for the best Guitarist of the contest.

The three guys used 2023 to finally realize the dream of their own album, which is to be released in October 2024. The first plans for an album tour are already underway...

Sharing their authentic alternative rock music live with listeners is If It Itches' greatest passion; no matter whether small pubs, Youth Clubs or festivals!
Current information about the live concerts can be found on the website.

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clear & powerful

deep rough voices

great beat rythms


desire for justice

bass punch

gripping guitar sounds


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Contact Person: Joshua Beck


Mobil: +4915140313190

Address: 72072 Tübingen




Technical Rider/Stage Plot

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